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Submitted by sammamishAdmin on April 16th

How many cc's of Botox is usually injected into a designated area? It is possible to inject too much Botox and risk looking puffy?

Most doctors charge patients according to the area of injection. Many times they do not let the patient know just how many units of Botox Cosmetic will be injected in each area. The patient needs to be knowledgeable about dilution and know that dilution matters. The patient is advised to ask the doctor how much saline solution is used to dilute the vial of Botox as well as how many units will be injected in each area. Each Botox vial contains 100 units and should be diluted with 4 cc's of saline and no more. If the doctor dilutes the Botox with more than 4 cc of saline, then the patient will ultimately get a smaller dose of Botox Cosmetic. This will render the Botox treatment less effective and shorter lasting.

When comparing Botox Cosmetic injection prices among different offices, the patient should question how much the surgeon dilutes the pure Botox. Botox is considered to treat horizontal lines across the forehead, lines between the eyes, or even crow's feet lines, without surgery. It is injected into the muscles responsible for causing those lines and helps smooth the lines out by relaxing the muscle. The Botox procedure, according to Seattle plastic surgery professionals can take up to 15 minutes, with effects showing up about 48 hours after the procedure.

Submitted by sammamishAdmin on April 16th

I am a 50-year-old grandmother trying to reinvent my look. I want several procedures including a brow lift. How many procedures would you recommend during the same time in surgery?

It has been a common occurrence for a plastic surgeon to perform numerous procedures during one operation. This gives the surgeon more freedom to fully sculpt the patient’s final appearance. When there are many procedures done simultaneously, it can also save on expenses of paying the operating room and anesthesia costs more than one time. But, having too much done in a single procedure can also lead to complications. A lot depends on which procedures are being conducted, the length and operating time of surgery and health condition of the patient. Age is also a factor. The surgeon will ultimately decide whether it is appropriate to include more than one procedure in an operation.

Submitted by sammamishAdmin on April 16th

As a recently divorced mid-forties woman, I need a little rejuvenation to make me comfortable reentering the dating scene. I notice my face looks tired even after a good night's rest. What benefits could a brow lift afford me?

A brow or forehead lift is done oftentimes to raise drooping eyebrows and smooth out forehead wrinkles and creases as well between the eyes. The forehead tissue and brow can sometimes sag over the upper eyelid, many times causing the eyelashes and eyebrows to touch. Wrinkles and creases can cause a person to look tired, angry or sad all the time. So can frown lines between the eyes. The brow lift alters and/or gets rid of tissues that cause these lines and creases, raising the eyebrows and ultimately reducing frown lines.

During the pre-surgical consultation with the Plastic Surgeon Seattle, the patient will be examined and questioned about vision, production of tears and lens use. In the case of the Sammamish Center, the doctor will explain what to the patient what he or she can expect from blepharoplasty while obtaining a complete medical history. The doctor will also help the patient assess whether any additional surgery including a simultaneous forehead or brow lift to correct a drooping brow and smooth the forehead, would increase the success of the blepharoplasty.

Submitted by sammamishAdmin on April 16th

I often hear about injectable fillers being used for treatments that are "off-label", which I understand refers to a use not approved by the FDA. This sounds fairly common, but is it something to be concerned about?

It is best to seek a professional cosmetic surgeon who uses FDA approved injections. It is essential for a very well qualified doctor who has a lot of experience in the use of fillers to treat the patient. There is a lot of debate in the media about off-label use of medical devices, and it is illegal for any company to offer a drug or device for any off-label use. When there is a lot of money involved, as there is with cosmetic procedures and injectable devices, some doctors and manufacturers may be tempted to cross this line with off label products. With off label injectable fillers, the patient does not know if it is safe or not. The meaning of "Off-label" is the proposed use of a product that is not approved by the FDA. Off-label is perfectly legal, but as a patient, you cannot know if it is safe or effective. Medical corporations present drugs or devices to the FDA hoping for approval. To get this FDA approval, clinical studies must be conducted showing the FDA that it is effective and safe for a particular indication. Some drugs and devices are only FDA approved for moderate treatments and therefore would not be appropriate for some surgical procedures. Only when a company presents a specific indication to the FDA, with proof that it is safe, can be "FDA approved" for that use. This is also true for medications. Once a medication or surgical device is FDA approved for any indication, it is up to the doctor for what purpose it is used and how to prescribe. Sometimes doctors need to be able to use drugs and devices for off-label purposes because it allows for the treatment of many diseases and serious conditions, without having to wait years for FDA approval.

Submitted by sammamishAdmin on April 16th

I just read an article about something called the vampire facelift where your own platelets are removed from your blood and reinjected into your face to stimulate collagen. Is this effective? What are the benefits compared to other injectables?

People who desire that fountain of youth and who want to stay looking young longer have the option to engage in a Vampire face lift. Selphyl, the clinical term for a Vampire face lift, is an all-natural treatment that literally makes the patient's skin healthier and younger looking. The procedure itself involves injecting a mixture of blood products into areas of the skin that are affected. Selphyl is a non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic filler.

Even though the procedure only takes 20 minutes, A Vampire face lift rejuvenates the patient's skin without causing skin to swell, lump or bruise. As new collagen and blood vessels develop, the volume of skin increases. The signs of aging naturally are reversed basically due to the patient's own tissues.

Benefits of getting a Vampire Facelift, compared to other injectables, include using the blood's natural resources to treat wrinkles, employing a safe preparation of Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix resulting in a smooth gel for natural treatment, treatments that can be made to any part of the body, great for both women and men, produces long lasting results and is the next best thing to a facelift minus surgery.

A Vampire face lift can last as long as 15 months, giving off almost completely natural results. After three weeks, the treated area should be smooth while the new cells have filled in under the epidermis. Signs of aging will diminish significantly.

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