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Dysport® is a botulinum toxin injectable treatment that is similar to Botox®. It can be used to temporarily improve moderate to severe glabellar lines, or the frown lines that develop between the eyebrows. These wrinkles are called dynamic wrinkles and they develop over time from the repeated movement of the forehead muscles involved in making certain expressions like frowning and squinting. For this reason, even younger people can develop frown lines if these muscles are very active.

Originally developed in the 1990s to treat neuromuscular disorders, Dysport® works by blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles. This temporarily immobilizes the glabellar muscles, preventing muscle contraction and the associated skin creasing that causes the wrinkles. Untreated facial muscles in the rest of your face will still work normally, allowing you to smile and show other expressions naturally.

Treatment with Dysport® takes place in the office setting and lasts just ten to twenty minutes. Discomfort is generally minimal. For the treatment of frown lines, Dysport® is injected with a fine needle into five specific points between and over the eyebrows. Compared to Botox, fewer injections are required because Dysport® diffuses further from the injection point.


After injection, patients may experience some minor redness or swelling at the injection site. However, these side effects are short lived and patients are able to immediately resume their normal routine. Results will begin to appear within one to seven days after treatment. While the results of Botox® generally last three to four months, some studies show that Dysport® results may last longer. Dr. Gaboriau’s experience shows that this is particularly true in treating crow’s feet, making Dysport® his treatment of choice for that area.

At the Sammamish Center for Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery near Seattle, Washington, Dr. Gaboriau has extensive experience with Dysport®, Botox® and other injectable treatments. For additional information, please contact the Sammamish Center at         (425) 898-1228           .

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