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iS Clinical® is an innovative skincare line created by a team of renowned pharmacologists and physicians to address such skin issues as acne, rosacea, wrinkling, aging and scarring. Created by the cosmeceutical company Innovative Skincare®, iS Clinical® skincare products are only available through leading plastic surgeons, dermatologists, physicians and skincare experts.  


The Medical Spa at the Sammamish Center is pleased to offer a variety of products from this highly effective and proven skincare line. iS Clinical® products have been developed to deliver dramatic physiological improvement in the skin's quality through 4 easy steps: cleanse, treat, hydrate, and protect. They have developed exceptional skincare formulas designed to enhance the skin's exfoliation, circulation and cellular regeneration to optimize skin health for long-term, anti-aging results. Their products smooth and hydrate the skin, reduce under-eye circles and aging signs around the eyes, improve hyperpigmentation, treat rosacea and acne, reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, and improve aging conditions. They also have sunscreen products. With iS Clinical® products, your skin will have a healthier, more youthful and radiant glow.  


iS Clinical® is effective for both men and women, as well as all skin types and ethnicities. If you are bothered by such skin conditions as acne, dry skin, pigmentation problems, rosacea, or aging conditions, our aestheticians will perform a skin analysis and recommend a skincare program to address your individual needs.


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