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Neck Lift & Liposuction

Neck Lift & Liposuction

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Two procedures are available to take care of the unwanted "turkey gobbler": anterior platysmaplasty and posterior neck lift.

Anterior platysmaplasty consists of liposuction and reattaching the neck muscle under the chin to make it tight again. The incision is under the chin. The procedure lasts around 1 hour and is performed under local anesthesia. The downtime is 1 week. During that week you will have to wear a chinstrap.

Posterior neck lift comprises the anterior platysmaplasty and a lift of the side of the neck. the incisions are behind the ears on the hairline. The neck muscle is pulled. The procedure takes about 3 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. The benefit of the posterior neck lift is that it addresses the full neck. The down time is about 7 days. During that time you will have to wear a chinstrap.

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