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Cosmetic Surgery Options

Is Cosmetic Surgery for You?
As with all cosmetic surgery, good health and realistic expectations are prerequisites. Understanding the limitations of cosmetic procedures is crucial and psychological stability is vital.

The goal of plastic surgery is not to achieve perfection but to improve the overall facial appearance. Skin type, ethnic background, degree of skin elasticity, individual healing, basic bone structure, personal medical and surgical history, as well as a realistic attitude are factors that should be discussed prior to surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery can be performed on patients as young as teenagers and as old as early 80s. It should be understood that no cosmetic procedure will stop the aging process but it can turn back the clock to help your face to look its best with a healthy and more youthful appearance. 

Letter from Dr. Gaboriau

Throughout my years of practice I have come to learn that my patients trust one-on-one care. There are many approaches to cosmetic enhancement. Some treatments such as Botox, injectable fillers, or laser treatments are non-invasive. Other procedures are more complex and require surgery. Sometimes a combination of non-invasive procedures, together with surgery, is what is needed. Every situation is different and always depends on my individual patient.  Each patient is an individual and deserves a specialized approach and customized care.

As with all cosmetic procedures, good health and realistic expectations are essential. The goal of plastic surgery is not to achieve perfection but to help you achieve the best overall facial appearance. There are many individual factors that I take into consideration—your skin type, your ethnic background, your basic bone structure, your personal medical and surgical history, your age, and even your lifestyle.

My patients have often told me that following cosmetic surgery they have experienced increased self-confidence. The key to finding that self-confidence can happen when we find the right care and treatment for you.

Sincerely, Henri P. Gaboriau M.D.

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