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Can I basically restructure my cheeks with a cheek implant?

Submitted by sammamishAdmin in Cheek Implants on May 5th

Can I basically restructure my cheeks with a cheek implant? I would like higher, more pronounced cheekbones. What material do you use

Cheek implants are a good method of enhancing the cheekbones for some patients. There are several types, in sizes small to large, and can provide higher cheekbones as well as more definition around the eyes and nose. The material used for the implants is "silastic" which is silicone-based. It is accepted well by the body, and can be removed later if desired, with no problem. Incisions are made inside the mouth between the upper lip and teeth in order to insert the implants. The procedure takes about one hour, with bruising and swelling lasting about 7 days. The final look is very natural as long as the face is not too thin. If there is not enough fat in the face, the implants can show. An alternative treatment for cheek enhancement in those cases would be injections of fillers, which can achieve the same result. The filler I prefer to use for this procedure is Radiesse.

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