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Preparing For Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Anyone can look alert and well rested with blepharoplasty. This unusual name simply refers to the cosmetic eyelid surgery that nearly 150,000 people have elected to do. This procedure is requested by those who have bags, dark circles or loose or droopy skin around the eyes. Those who are considering the procedure should look for licensed and experienced doctors while reviewing what to expect after the surgery.

This procedure focuses on the delicate skin near the eye meaning that recovery time is important. Many people can return to work in 10 days but should not exert themselves for a few weeks. Difficulty reading and discomfort in the eyes are normal. Any pain a person feels can be treated with medication, and doctors should be notified of all symptoms. Doctors may also prescribe antibiotics to keep infections at bay.

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Cosmetic Surgery on the Rise

In 2010 nearly 9.5 Americans underwent a cosmetic surgery procedure. According to the study by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), this was a 9% increase over 2009.

The ASAPS has kept records since 1997 and note that the incidence of cosmetic surgery has increased 155% since then. Clearly, an uncertain economy and less than ideal job market has not affected the cosmetic surgery field as both cosmetic surgery and non-surgery procedures expenditures topping in at nearly $10.7 billion dollars.

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What sort of after care is required for injectable fillers in my face? Should I purchase antibiotic cream or special lotion or do you provide these?

After receiving any fillers you will need to ice the area for few hours. It is good to purchase Arnica Montana (Pills) prior to the injections and continue using them afterwards for a few days. Ice and Arnica will greatly dimished bruising.

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