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Seattle Forehead Lift

Submitted by sammamishAdmin on April 16th

As a recently divorced mid-forties woman, I need a little rejuvenation to make me comfortable reentering the dating scene. I notice my face looks tired even after a good night's rest. What benefits could a brow lift afford me?

A brow or forehead lift is done oftentimes to raise drooping eyebrows and smooth out forehead wrinkles and creases as well between the eyes. The forehead tissue and brow can sometimes sag over the upper eyelid, many times causing the eyelashes and eyebrows to touch. Wrinkles and creases can cause a person to look tired, angry or sad all the time. So can frown lines between the eyes. The brow lift alters and/or gets rid of tissues that cause these lines and creases, raising the eyebrows and ultimately reducing frown lines.

During the pre-surgical consultation with the Plastic Surgeon Seattle, the patient will be examined and questioned about vision, production of tears and lens use. In the case of the Sammamish Center, the doctor will explain what to the patient what he or she can expect from blepharoplasty while obtaining a complete medical history. The doctor will also help the patient assess whether any additional surgery including a simultaneous forehead or brow lift to correct a drooping brow and smooth the forehead, would increase the success of the blepharoplasty.

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