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What is the Erbium laser? What does it best treat and how does it compare to other types of lasers?

There are two main types of lasers that are currently being used by physicians and plastic surgeons. These lasers include CO2 lasers and Erbium lasers. Both type of lasers provide benefits for specific circumstances and must be operated by a trained and experienced practitioner.

The first type of laser that was developed was the CO2 or carbon dioxide laser. This laser uses small pulses of light on specific areas such as wrinkles, scars, skin cancer, birthmarks, warts and large oil glands. The pulses of light remove thin layers of skin one layer at a time without causing damage to the surrounding area. Multiple treatments may be needed in order to achieve the best results.

Erbium lasers are the newest type of laser and are used for treatment of the same conditions as the CO2 in moderate or severe instances. This laser can also be used on an expanded area to include chest, neck, hands or face. The effects of this laser are slightly less evasive than the CO2 laser and can provide a shorter period of recovery along with minimal redness, bruising and swelling.

The effectiveness of CO2 lasers and Erbium lasers will vary depending on the number of treatments, skin tone and severity of the condition. A physician such as Dr. Henri P. Gaboriau of the Sammamish Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery should be consulted to discuss treatment options.

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