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Submitted by sammamishAdmin in Ear SurgeryUncategorized on February 22nd

I am very interested in the new technique that combines liposuction with lasers, the laser-assisted liposuction. Can any area of the body be treated with this procedure?

Yes all areas of the body are good candidate for LAL (Laser Assisted Liposuction). In particular, LAL is very good for posterior arms, face, and neck

Submitted by sammamishAdmin in BotoxUncategorized on February 17th

I would love to have laser skin resurfacing to get rid of some acne scars and new wrinkles on my cheeks. Will both of these problems be addressed with the laser resurfacing? Will there be any pain with this procedure, and if so, what type of anesthetic will you use?

Yes both issues can be addressed with some sort of Laser Skin Resurfacing. The settings (depth, power ect..) are differents but can be performed at the same setting. Usually a topical anesthetic cream is used in conjunction with a oral relaxant and sometimes a local anesthetic is injected in the areas to be treated. Pain in general is minimal.

Submitted by sammamishAdmin in Eyelid SurgeryUncategorized on February 15th

What sort of after care is required for injectable fillers in my face? Should I purchase antibiotic cream or special lotion or do you provide these?

After receiving any fillers you will need to ice the area for few hours. It is good to purchase Arnica Montana (Pills) prior to the injections and continue using them afterwards for a few days. Ice and Arnica will greatly dimished bruising.

Submitted by sammamishAdmin in FaceliftUncategorized on February 15th

Is Juvederm used for the same problems that Botox is used for, the wrinkles in the forehead?  How does it compare to Botox in price and in length of effects in keeping the face smooth? Is there a better product out yet for the forehead?

Juvederm is not the same as Botox. Juvederm is a filler and as such “fills” folds and lines. But on the forehead you need Botox first. Usually Botox will take care of the lines and give you a smooth foresssssshead. Afterwards if all the lines are not completly gone, then Juvederm can be used.

Submitted by sammamishAdmin in Injectable FillersUncategorized on February 10th

I have been debating which procedure I want, making a decision, then changing my mind. Now I just want results. I am 53 years old and contemplating cosmetic surgery since my 50th birthday. I am interested in total peri-orbital rejuvenation, the blepharoplasty, browlift, Botox, all of it. How long does this surgery last and how long will my eyes need to be covered?

In fact this is a good idea to perform all of those procedures in a certain order, to achieve the best results. First you will need to have Botox injected in-between the brows (20 units), the forehead (15 units) and the crows feet (20 units). Botox injections are usually performed about 2 weeks prior to eyelids surgery and it will help the healing process since the muscles won’t be moving during the healing perio. . Then endoscopic forehead lift is performed at the same time as upper and lower eyelids surgery. It should last about 10 to 15 years. Your eyes don’t need to be covered during the healing process that will last about 10 days.

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