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A New Addition: Mineral Makeup!

It is finally here!  We are now carrying a line of makeup that we believe is superior to all other mineral lines: Youngblood.

While there are other brands of makeup that deliver great results, none are formulated to cover raw and inflamed skin.  For instance, following a laser treatment or MLP performed by Dr. Gaboriau, your skin may be temporarily red and irritated.  This new makeup line will enable us to cover everything and we can send you on your way, looking fabulous.  

Youngblood products are free of talc and other fillers that can clog or irritate skin. Their formulations are the very finest available, and the quality is instantly noticed the very first time the products are applied.  Several of our patients have placed orders for these products and they keep on coming. 

Mineral cosmetics are made of micronized, highly reflective crystals, which reflect light to smooth fine lines and blemishes.  In addition, they are formulated with pigments from the earth, making them much healthier than cosmetics containing petroleum dyes.  One of the better qualities of mineral makeup is that it cannot hold bacteria or microbes, which results in a lower risk of allergic reactions. 

Youngblood offers five different formulas of foundation:

  1. Mineral Radiance Crème Powder Foundation
  2. Natural Mineral Loose Powder Foundation
  3. Hi-Definition Loose Powder Foundation
  4. Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation
  5. Liquid Foundation, which happens to be the most popular. 

There is also a concealer, a mist foundation and a mineral rice powder available.  These are all products our patients can choose from and together, we can determine what is best suited for them. 

Makeup Consultations and Cover Up Services following procedures are now available at our Center.  Please contact one of our medical aestheticians to further discuss Youngblood, this amazing mineral makeup line that is sure to meet your needs!   

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